You better get USED to SADNESS and PAIN than you are to HAPPINESS!!!

13 Apr

No matter what you do life always finds a way to make you sad therefore getting used to sadness and pain is one solution to being happy at all times including during hard times. As they say one can never be successful and know what life is till they encounter pain and conquer fear. Whenever you come across hard times and obstacles of life just put some extra effort and make sure you excel.

Be dedicated and commit yourself to learning and stay focused in every situation you face. When trouble strikes you just say “try me” instead of “why me”, with that kind of attitude you’ll be able to have the strength to fight for the future. Success doesn’t come to you; you go to it or lose it all. Be matured and know what you want then you can now say you are ready for the game to begin.

When you fail, try again with another strategy (Tawas). Have the courage to do it then you’ll be able to do it but if you don’t have the courage of getting it done; you are definitely 0.01% near to success. Focus on the game than you have to one the prize. Sort yourself out and work your problems out, don’t ever leave them unsolved. Leaving your problems unsolved makes them increase bit by bit.

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