Who the hell are you if you ain't yourself

12 Feb

Who could you possibly be if you pretend to be someone else because everyone else is taken, just you, yourself who’s available for you to pretend to be. You were born free and born to be yourself, not some foolish figure you pretend to be. Be yourself and let people love who you are, not what you think you are. Always know yourself and never underestimate yourself.

Sometimes we forget that the world was given to us billions of years ago and it is still going to remain for the next coming billion of years or even for the next trillions of years. Now, we don’t know who gave us the world and why he gave it to us. All we could do is to do what we believe is right for everyone. Be the one person you want to be and never pretend. Always know why you are here on earth.

Love the one person you are and trust me, you’ll achieve things that your enemies thought you’d never achieve at all. Sometimes it’s okay to pretend but most of time it ain’t good for you to pretend. Someday you going to realize that you were missing beautiful things while you were busy pretending to be someone you ain’t and someone you’ll never be.

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