What the WORLD has BECOME!!!

11 Apr

In the world we CURRENTLY live in respect, self-discipline and love no longer play a HUGE role. What matters is MONEY; our friends and families are deeply in debts that they TOTALLY don’t know how they got into them. We live in the WORLD where one believes that MONEY is POWER. KILLINGS and CRIME grow faster every day, people LOSE their LIVES minute after minute but yet mankind never LEARN to take RESPONSIBILITY for their ACTIONS. One can NEVER feel SAFE in his own home! Bullets are FLYING every day; DRUGS are manufactured and DEVELOPED every hour of the DAY.

LIFE never feels safe at all. The BEAUTY of the universe has now FADED and even a bit can’t be seen! On every corner you turn to, all you see are INNOCENT SOULS being ABUSED through DRUGS USES, PROSTITUTION and OTHER CRIMINAL OFFENCE. It seems like there’s nothing we can do about it but there’s a lot we can do to SAVE the UNIVERSE from being destroyed. We can start by LOVING one another and have the gut to HELP one who’s in trouble or facing a terrible situation. As they say GREAT POWER COMES WITH GREAT RESPONSIBILITY therefore ONE WHO AIN’T RESPONSIBILITY STANDS NO CHANCE OF POSESSING A GREAT POWER.

The World was given to us billions and millions of years ago but there’s nothing good we’ve done; we keep destroying it whenever we are trying to make something good out of it. Being selfish and hungry for POWER you can’t CONTROL and KEEP plays a major role in the DESTROYING OF THE UNIVERSE.  MONEY is the worst discover of mankind because MAN CREATED MONEY AND MONEY DESTROYS MAN.

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