This ain't how you should do it

12 Feb

No matter how stupid, dump or corrupted the president might be. You have no right to judge him in fact you should guide him. He is a human like you, he has a soul like you do and he does mistakes like you do so who are you to judge. Think of other countries, what could they possibly say about South Africa, do you think they'll love South Africa? Hell No! Be respectful and love no matter what happens. Life ain't always about you, think of South Africa. South Africa is known as the Rainbow nation which is expected to have peace, love and respect. If you keep judging the president while you ain't doing anything about it, you just like him because you ain't doing anything about it while he's hustling for his family.

Life has lot of things you can do except being busy judging and giving attention to the stupidity and corruption of Mr President Jacob Zuma. He might be so dump but at least he’s providing food and shelter for himself and his family; he at least got a title and a job position for himself and you still judge him and giving attention to his corruption while you have nothing at all, this ain’t how you should do it. You were born for a certain purpose that you and only yourself can fulfil so please stop giving attention to foolish things that have nothing to do with you and have nothing to give to you.

Stop wasting the time that God gave to you and move like the clock does because time ain’t on your side or even waiting for you. Know that time is our one true non-renewable source and if you run out of it, it’s a pretty game over for you, use your time in an effective way which will benefit you someday and stop giving attention to foolish things and to people who ain’t doing anything for you.

Try to serve people rather than serving a person and try to serve a person rather than serving no one. Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do, when to do, how to do and with whom to do it because someday you going to realize that you were all alone and find that you’ve ran out of time while you were busy doing nothing while you had your time. You found the world the way it is then leave it with change and better situations so the next generation live in peace.

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