Know the right time..!!

11 Apr

In everything we do we are required to put extra effort and work ten times harder than we normally do especially to get what we desire. When you get tired you rest and make sure you remember where you’ve rested so that you could continue from where you’ve rested. When it comes to ladies; MEN act fast cause the good ones get taken if you wait too long but when it comes to LIFE – the state of living!, it’s completely different cause you act FAST you fail and act SLOW you fail therefore one is required to know when is the right time. The right time never leads one to fail but when you do just know it was meant to be, that tells you that you’ve done something wrong and you surely need to rectify that wrong you did and accept your FATE.

Time management is the MOST useful skill that everyone should possess! When you know how to manage your time, you’ll also know what to do at a certain time, when you don’t see opportunities on your way you make one, when you come across a huge river you can’t cross you either build a boat or a bridge. Sometimes you just have to sit and observe what others are doing in order to learn how they do it. If you want to be an ACTOR, act like one and if you want to be a MODEL you dress like one.  Personality also plays a huge role in CAREERS and SUCCESS so be sure you have the right personality but if you don’t, change it for the better and if you can’t change it just follow your passion and interest.

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