Have an achievement for the day!!!

21 May

Our time on earth is limited and that's the fate we should accept no matter what circumstances. As we all know that time wasted is time that can never be regained, it takes us years such as decades to finally understand who we are which includes what we love and what we don't love and when we finally do understand those we still waste lot of time thinking about what we should do next. What we should do next is almost what we don't do at all and what we shouldn't do is what we do day by day!
The life we live is more of an infinite loop that we keep on encountering time after time and only acceptance of fate can break it. These days things happen rapidly that we can't even keep track of time. Having an achievement for the day might be the only way we can keep ourselves on going without a waste of time.
Imagine your life with 7 achievements a week, one done on daily basis? What more time would you need to work on your life? Despite of what we've been through, we can still make it with no doubt. In every bad situation there's a solution to the problem, just have to think hard! For as long as we have brain which function the same, we shall not be in lack of ideas to pursue.
You totally don't have to stress yourself over foolish things. Put your focus on the current day because today's activities, straggles, failure and achievements determines your tomorrow's status. Sometimes all we need to do is to just remind ourselves that life isn't about finding yourself but creating yourself.

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