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I'm Isaiah S Netsianda, a polymath who's guided by interest and driven by passion. I am currently in the field of Inventing, Writing and Learning & Teaching.

I started writing at the age of 10 when I was in the 3rd grade when English was firstly introduced to me at a primary school named 'Sikhulisile Primary School'. It was just a hobby at that time but as the time went I made it a habit that I write whenever I want to and whenever I have something on my mind.

As for the technologies and science staff, it has always been running through my veins. I started at an early age where I used to fix electronics and electrical appliances and doing some science experiments as well as researches.

As for the production and media I firstly fell for it when I was at about 11 where i would watch films at my uncle's house and end up drafting my own script or disagreeing and noticing mistakes made by the production crew of the film I would be watchin. I would also write short drafts about incidents that happened each day.
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