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To succeed, you either make it or get it done regardless of the circumstances.


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I'm Isaiah S Netsianda, a polymath who's guided by interest and driven by passion. I am currently in the field of Inventing, Writing and Learning & Teaching.

I started writing at the age of 10 when I was in the 3rd grade when English was firstly introduced to me at a primary school named 'Sikhulisile Primary School'. It was just a hobby at that time but as the time went I made it a habit that I write whenever I want to and whenever I have something on my mind.

As for the technologies and science staff, it has always been running through my veins. I started at an early age where I used to fix electronics and electrical appliances and doing some science experiments as well as researches.

As for the production and media I firstly fell for it when I was at about 11 where i would watch films at my uncle's house and end up drafting my own script or disagreeing and noticing mistakes made by the production crew of the film I would be watchin. I would also write short drafts about incidents that happened each day.


Get it done regardless of the circumstances

Are you not winning? Oh! That's because you ain't getting it done or you're just afraid of the circumstances. Well tell you what!? It's time you get it done regardless of the circumstances.

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Have an achievement for the day!!!

Our time on earth is limited and that's the fate we should accept no matter what circumstances. As we all know that time wasted is time that can never be regained,

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You better get USED to SADNESS and PAIN than you are to HAPPINESS!!!

No matter what you do life always finds a way to make you sad therefore getting used to sadness and pain is one solution to being happy at all times including during hard times. As they say one can never be successful and know what life is till they encounter pain and conquer fear. Whenever you come across hard times and obstacles of life just put some extra effort and make sure you excel.

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What the WORLD has BECOME!!!

In the world we CURRENTLY live in respect, self-discipline and love no longer play a HUGE role. What matters is MONEY; our friends and families are deeply in debts that they TOTALLY don’t know how they got into them. We live in the WORLD where one believes that MONEY is POWER.

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Know the right time..!!

In everything we do we are required to put extra effort and work ten times harder than we normally do especially to get what we desire. When you get tired you rest and make sure you remember where you’ve rested so that you could continue from where you’ve rested.

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Who the hell are you if you ain't yourself

Who could you possibly be if you pretend to be someone else because everyone else is taken, just you, yourself who’s available for you to pretend to be. You were born free and born to be yourself, not some foolish figure you pretend to be.

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This ain't how you should do it

No matter how stupid, dump or corrupted the president might be. You have no right to judge him in fact you should guide him. He is a human like you, he has a soul like you do and he does mistakes like you do so who are you to judge.

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Vodcast | Podcast

Speak Your Mind is a 10 - 30 minutes show by Isaiah S. Netsianda. We interview people asking for their opinions on a certain topics. We mostly talk about life, success, philosophy, ideologies and etc. We are all about empowering and motivating people to stay independent and to take charge in their own lives. We implement self discipline, self respect, independence, mental toughness, self trust and believe, determination and etc.



I've loved writing and telling stories since I was young. I could definitely say I started writing short stories and poems when I was 10 because that's where I realized my passion for writing and storytelling.

Isn Technologies

I've also been a good boy when it comes to building and fixing electronics as well as electrical components and I'm very passionate about inventing.


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